Fraud detection and prevention training

Our comprehensive training equips with proactive detection, prevention strategies, country case studies and insights to help safeguard your business and enhance security.


The prevalence of fraud is elevated in Latin America

Criminal and cyber fraud has become a priority for financial departments of corporates worldwide. For various reasons, Latin America remains a very fertile ground for corporate fraud. Prevention and detection remain one of the most efficient tools to fight fraud. Rather than trying to penetrate systems, fraudsters find it easier and cheaper to exploit human psychology. For that very reason, we have designed for you this comprehensive regional training.

In most cases when fraud has occurred it is too late. The funds have disappeared and are very difficult to recover, fraudsters are difficult to identify, and, even if identified generally insolvent. Also, if sued, justice will usually take a long time to apply sanctions.

If you can spare the time for only one in-depth course on fraud prevention and detection in South America this course will bring you extensive information, experience, recommendation, and numerous real case studies. But not only this. Within a common framework, we have designed country-specific courses in respective languages. Your subsidiaries will benefit from the same general best practices and at the same time custom-made local content.


Separate modules adressing staff or senior management

We propose two distinct modules, each one addressing different corporate levels. each module is adapted to your needs.

Module 1

New hires and middle management
It would encompass the treasurer and treasury team, financial control, audit, HR, A/R A/P teams, accounting, and senior management personal assistants. The course will end with a group case study and an on-line individual knowledge check questionnaire.

Module 2

Senior management, including CEO, COO and CFO
Based on Module 1 but focusing on more strategic, organization, processes and people issues. Including, for example, specific topics such as Directors legal responsibilities in different countries, or sensitive hires and layoffs.


Multilingual, country-specific, and adapted to your organization

Both Modules are one-day training available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


General regional
non-country-specific training in English, ideal for HQ staff, regional office, or Shared Service Centres.It provides an overall view on fraud prevention and detection and trends in Latin America. Upon request, some specific country modules can also be added.


Country-specific trainings in Portuguese and Spanish are available today for Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. These include local specificities such as, for example, boletos, protestos in Brazil or e-cheques in Argentina, local fraud cases, local regulation, and legal sanctions. 

Key take-aways

By the end of the course, participants will understand:

All the key frauds techniques, both internal and external
How to prevent and detect the most common types of fraud
Best practices on data protection and security of exchanges
How to minimize social engineering threats
Alert criteria identifying suspicious or unusual behaviors or events
How to limit the spread of information
Why processes are a key component in preventing fraud
The best practices when working from home or remote
Best practices in fraud prevention and detection
How to react in the event of a fraud
Laws and penalties for criminal fraud

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